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Welcome to Currier Turned



As a wood turning artist, I strive to create pieces that showcase the beauty and versatility of this natural material. I am constantly inspired by the unique grain patterns and textures found in different types of wood, and I work to highlight these characteristics in my work.

My process begins with carefully selecting the right piece of wood for each project, taking into account its size, shape, color, and natural features. I then use a variety of techniques to transform the raw wood into a finished piece.

Prior to Bowl Turning, I worked as a freelance photographer for the past 40+ years. I earned my Master of Fine Arts-Photography and Film from Virginia Commonwealth University and my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Louisiana Tech University. I have called many cities home throughout my life. I lived in Schenectady New York, Anchorage Alaska, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Louisiana, Alexandria, Virginia and now Richmond, Virginia.

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